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Life can be overwhelming - especially right now. Whether you're facing a recent loss, fear of the unknown, challenges in relationships, finances, family or career; or maybe you just need a little encouragement from an understanding and empathetic counselor, Lake Area Counseling is here for you.

We don't believe in band-aids, cover-ups, denial of problems, or making excuses for ourselves and others. We shoot straight, focus on creative problem solving, and finding real and practical solutions. We know the pain of past trauma, but we don't stay there; today is all we have and the future is what we make of it. We believe in moving forward.


We are relationship-focused. We know relationships brought the wounds and relationships will bring the healing. We believe in coping skills and positive thinking; but we believe in healing and supportive relationships even more.


We believe in Hope Unlimited. We believe in you.


Specializing in Teen, Family & Men's Counseling

"I'm a Christ-follower, grace-reveler, and  single dad of the Fabulous Five.
I'm also a broken man mended, a friend of the walking wounded, a listener of hurting hearts. But most of all, I'm a believer in Hope."

Katrina Holland Burks, LPC

Specializing in Divorce Recovery, Women's Issues, Depressive Disorders, Families & Couples

"I am a wife and mother of four wonderful boys. I am a Christian and a woman who believes that gracious words are sweet to the soul and healing for the body. I pray that you will allow me to pour gracious words into you to find peace and healing to live your best life!"
"I am a Christ-follower, a wife and mother of three grown children. I love to see what God does through our counselors to minister to those in need."

O U R  S E R V I C E S

We are a full service mental health clinic and treat a variety of presenting issues and disorders. Please click on the links below to discover more about our services and treatment approach.

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