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We are a Christian counseling clinic serving Southwest Louisiana.

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Life can be overwhelming - especially right now. Whether you're facing a recent loss, fear of the unknown, challenges in relationships, finances, family or career; or maybe you just need a little encouragement from an understanding and empathetic counselor, Lake Area Counseling is here for you.

We don't believe in band-aids, cover-ups, denial of problems, or making excuses for ourselves and others. We shoot straight, focus on creative problem solving, and finding real and practical solutions. We know the pain of past
trauma, but we don't stay there; today is all we have and the future is what we make of it. We believe in moving forward.
We are relationship-focused. We know relationships brought the wounds and relationships will bring the healing. We believe in coping skills and positive thinking; but we believe in healing and supportive relationships even more. We believe in Hope Unlimited.

"Joel has been fantasic and a great help in my journey to understand more about myself and why I function the way I do. Would absolutely recommend ANYONE to see him at least once."

"I love my therapist so much! She's one of the only stable things I have in my life and I will forever be thankful for her! I will forever be recommending people to her!"

"Andrew was amazing—kind, empathetic, wise, intelligent, and intuitive. He obviously cares about the people he counsels, embraces 'why' of what he does, and is truly making a positive difference by sharing his gift with others."

"I'm so thankful I met my therapist. He has brought so much awareness to my life. I feel supported and validated."













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Looking for a Christian counselor? For questions about integrating faith and counseling, click here.

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We are located at 1117 Kirkman St. near downtown Lake Charles, LA. 

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