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Counseling for Women
and Men

No one understands a woman's heart quite like another woman. Desaree Armand is a wife and friend, and is keenly aware of the issues facing women today. Whether you are struggling in a loveless marriage, grieving a loss, or feeling alone in a struggle, Desaree will give support and encouragement for every difficult road a woman might travel. Desaree specializes in trauma recovery and also sees women who have been victimized and abused.

If you're a woman in a difficult season of life, there's hope for your future.

Group of men

The American culture places a huge stigma on the expression of male emotions. Many men in this country are isolated, lacking any meaningful relationships, and in need to process their personal difficulties.

At Lake Area Counseling, our approach to men is client-centered; in other words, we offer services which make the individual man most comfortable. Our out-of-the-box counseling includes walk-and-talk counseling around the nearby lake, or even throwing a football to help connect with male clients. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to make guys comfortable while talking about what's bothering them. Our male counselors, Joel Daugherty, LPC-S and Cole Campo, PLPC are here to help.

If you are a man hesitant to try counseling, or the significant other of a man in need of help, contact us today. There's hope for men who might be unsure about seeing a counselor. 

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