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Anger Issues Counseling

As necessary as coping skills are to dealing with anger (taking deep breaths, visualization, counting to 10, etc.), our approach to anger management is more trauma-centered. We believe most anger stems from adverse experiences in life, such as grief and loss. 

Through guided processing of trauma in a safe space, we work with our clients to identify and resolve the underlying issues which are motivating their anger. We have found that good trauma work often accompanies a reduction in anger, resulting in less need for anger "management." 

Incredible Hulk Angry Man

Novaco Anger Scale


Answer the following questions using the number guide below write:

0 if you would feel little or no annoyance

1 if you would feel a little irritated

2 if you would feel moderately upset

3 if you feel quite angry

4 if you would feel very angry


_____1. You unpack an appliance that you just bought, plug it in and discover that it doesn’t work

_____2. Being overcharged by a repairman who helped you out of a bind

_____3. Being singled out for correction when others go unnoticed

_____4. Getting your car stuck in the mud or snow

_____5. You are talking to someone and they don’t answer

_____6. Someone pretends to be something you're not

_____7. While you are struggling to carry four cups of coffee to your table at the cafeteria, someone bumps into you, spilling the coffee

_____8. You hung up your coat but someone knocks it to the floor and doesn’t pick it up

_____9. You are hounded by salesperson from the moment you walk in the store

_____10 .You made plans to go somewhere with a friend who backs out at the last minute leaving you hanging

_____11. Being joked about or teased

_____12. You accidentally make a wrong turn in the parking lot. As you get out of your car someone yells at saying “Where did you learn how to drive”?

_____13. Your car stalls at a traffic light and the guy behind you keeps blowing his horn

_____14. You are trying to concentrate but a person near you is tapping their foot

_____15. Someone makes a mistake and blames it on you

_____16. You lend someone an important book or tool and they don’t return it

_____17. You have had a busy day, and your roommate or spouse starts complaining about how you forgot to stop at the store

_____18. You are trying to discuss something important with a friend or relative who isn’t giving you a chance to express your feelings

_____19. You are in a discussion with someone who persists in arguing about a topic they know very little about

_____20. Someone sticks his/her nose into an argument between you and another person

_____21. You’re already late and the car in front of you is going 25 mph in 40 mph zone and you can’t pass

_____22. You step on a glob of chewing gum

_____23. You’re mocked by small group of people as you pass them

_____24. In a hurry to get somewhere, you tear your favorite pair of pants

_____25. You use your last quarter to make a phone call, but you are disconnected before you finish dialing and the quarter is not returned


MY SCORE IS: To determine your score, add up the numbers you wrote in response to the 25 statements. You can interpret your total score according to the following guidelines:

0–45: The amount of anger and frustration you generally experience is remarkably low. Only small percentage of the population will score this low on a test. You might want to examine whether you were honest with your answers and the possibility that you deny angry feelings.

46 –55: You are substantially more peaceful than the average person.

56 –75: You respond to life’s annoyances with an average amount of anger

76 –85: You frequently react in an angry way to life’s many frustrations. You are substantially more irritable than the average person.
86 –100: You are plagued by frequent intense furious reactions that do not quickly disappear. You probably harbor negative feelings long after the initial insult has passed. You may experience frequent tensions headaches and elevated blood pressure. Your anger may often get out of control and lead to impulsive hostile outbursts, which at times get you into trouble.

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