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It takes


Two individuals

Two therapists


Lake Area Counseling is pleased to offer Intensive Collaborative Couples Counseling (IC3) for relationships in crisis. 

How does it work?

IC3 is unique because the male and female partner will be paired with a male and female counselor. As the guys discuss areas of need, both individually and in the relationship, the ladies will do the same in sessions 1-3 with the female perspective in mind. Our counselors will then collaborate on a plan of action and bring the couple together for the remaining sessions. Both counselors will be in the couple's joint sessions to moderate, direct and help articulate his and her needs in the relationship. We have found IC3 to be highly effective when both parties feel understood and supported by someone of the same gender. This method of counseling also takes less time and, ultimately, less cost. Our counseling team works collaboratively to sort through presenting issues and facilitate greater understanding, empathy, and strengthening of the relationship.

How much does it cost?

The cost for IC3 sessions is $300 per 90-minute session ($150 per session for initial individual sessions). This includes time spent by our counseling team assessing needs in the relationship and strategizing interventions specifically tailored for the couple. Do to the fact that most insurance plans do not cover couple's counseling, we do not accept insurance for couple's counseling. We encourage our clients to consider IC3 to be an INVESTMENT in their marriage, especially in light of the average cost of a divorce

what about my privacy?

As a rule, we encourage complete openness and transparency in a couple's session, and we require the couple to sign an agreement which states all information shared (even privately in individual counseling) may be discussed in the couple's session at the counselors' discretion. There may be situations in which certain private information should not be shared, or not shared immediately (such as infidelity). We will discuss options with the client to disclose such information in the most therapeutic way possible. Please note that information not disclosed openly during the couples sessions cannot not be released to either party without the express written permission of the other. 

is it too late?

We are often asked, "Is it too late to save my relationship?" Though it might seem impossible, at Lake Area Counseling we believe "Hope is Unlimited." Surveys done with couples in crisis have found that nearly 75% of relationships can be saved with the help of a trained therapist. We encourage our clients to take a "What do we have to lose?" attitude about their relationship and IC3. With a little time, coaching and clear communication, even the most volatile relationships can be restored - and improved!

For couples facing an immediate crisis, we offer a two-and-a-half day relationship retreat. This all-inclusive package includes lodging, meals, and over 20 hours with our relationship therapists one-on-one, and as a couple. For more information, click here.  

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