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Hurricane support group

After experiencing two devastating hurricanes, Lake Area Counseling along with Woods Counseling Services, is pleased to announce that we are facilitating a hurricane support group for our community at no charge. The group will meet every Monday night at 6 p.m. starting October 26th at 715 Ryan St. in downtown Lake Charles. We are in this recovery process together! If you are struggling with recovery, or maybe you want to help others on this journey, please join us!

What is a hurricane support group?

A support group is a place where people come together, in similar life hardships, to encourage and support one another. We have all been affected by Hurricanes Laura and Delta. This support group will encourage the expression of thoughts and feelings as they relate to the long road of recovery. We will also explore ways to find peace and healing from this disaster.


This group will be led by area licensed counselors but is NOT counseling. Our goal is to simply provide a platform to give and receive encouragement and hope. Participants will be asked to keep the group discussion confidential and adhere to state Covid-19 health and safety guidelines. 

Can kids participate?

Yes! We realize that the needs of children are often overlooked during disaster recovery. A licensed counselor will be leading a kid's support group concurrently with the adult group. The children's group is designed for elementary aged children in grades 1-5.

Do I have to attend all the groups?

No, attendance every week is not required as we will be discussing a different topic each week. 

Where is the location?

The group will be held in the upstairs conference room at 715 Ryan Street in downtown Lake Charles. Please use the back entrance parking lot next to KPLC studios. The conference room is ADA accessible via elevator. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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Still have questions?

Contact us!

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